Wildfrost Naked Gnome: How to Spare Him, and Is He Useful?

Friend or Foe? (or Just Naked)

The Naked Gnome in Wildfrost

Roguelike games have a rich heritage of hidden treasures, secret encounters, and surprising elements that keep players hooked. One such game, Wildfrost, is not an exception. The game brings to life a peculiar yet intriguing character: the Naked Gnome. Despite his awkward appearance and uncanny behavior, this character’s secrets could change your gameplay strategy in Wildfrost.

So, let’s delve deep into the ice-clad world of Wildfrost, unearthing every intriguing facet of this enigmatic Naked Gnome.

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What is the Naked Gnome?

The Naked Gnome is an enemy/companion that occasionally spawns at the beginning of the first battle. This encounter in Wildfrost is rather peculiar. Unlike typical enemy spawns that charge at you with all their might, this gnome seems to… exist. Encountering him within the first few battles, you might scratch your head, wondering what role this strange figure plays.

This unclothed gnome, part of the game’s well-established gnome faction, doesn’t launch any attacks or initiate combat. He stands there on the enemy’s side of the battlefield, giving the impression of a bystander rather than a foe. His in-game ability text aptly reads, “Does absolutely nothing…

Encountering the Naked Gnome in Wildfrost

But is that all there is to the Naked Gnome? Or does his presence bear some hidden significance? Let’s find out. There are two different ways to deal with the Naked Gnome:

Killing the Naked Gnome

With a fragile 1HP and no offensive stats, the Naked Gnome is a sitting duck in the battleground of Wildfrost. Players often accidentally kill him, treating him like any other foe. Slaying the Naked Gnome does yield the regular reward for killing an enemy and can even contribute to a powerful combo, given the right circumstances. However, is this the best way to engage with the Wildfrost gnome?

If the Wildfrost stars align, there is a chance to use him to achieve the coveted 6x Kill Combo.

Sparing the Naked Gnome

The true magic of the Naked Gnome reveals itself when you decide not to harm him. Yes, you read that right. Sparing the Naked Gnome opens up an entirely new playstyle in Wildfrost. It may be tricky, even requiring you to use snowballs against your troops to avoid accidentally hitting the gnome, but it’s worth the effort.

Sparing the Naked Gnome in Wildfrost
Sparing the Naked Gnome also requires a bit of luck

Surviving an encounter without killing the Naked Gnome results in him joining your party as a companion for that run. Admittedly, his in-game capabilities are humble. He only boasts 1HP, 1 Attack, and a Counter of 2. Still, it would help if you took him. Worst case, you can put him into your Reserves.

The Naked Gnome joining your party in Wildfrost
If you don’t want the gnome in your party, you can shoo him away

However, this lowly gnome’s potential should not be underestimated. His fast counter can be a game-changer with the right strategy, offering many scaling opportunities. He can be used as a “glass cannon” with the proper selection of charms. It’s still probably a better choice to select more skillful Companions down the line.

Chuckle Charm

The Chuckle Charm in Wildfrost

Remove Charm Limit

But wait, there’s more! The icing on the frosty cake comes as a Charm—the Chuckle Charm. This is linked to the Gnome Friend Challenge and unlocks once you spare the Naked Gnome. The Chuckle Charm eliminates the Charm Limit, allowing you to create a tremendously powerful Companion, given you can find the Charm during your run. This is one of the best charms in the game, and you should seek it out whenever given the chance.


In the icy landscape of Wildfrost, the Naked Gnome exists as a paradox, a silent and passive entity on the battlefield, neither a friend nor a foe. His presence confuses players and challenges their conventional gaming instincts. By being there and doing nothing, he lures you into the trap of treating him as just another kill for rewards and combos. But is that the right approach? As we have seen, there’s more to this Wildfrost gnome than meets the eye. His true power unfolds not when you kill him but when you spare him. The opportunity to unlock the Chuckle Charm and exploit this odd character’s fast counter can change the game’s course.

So, when you step into Wildfrost, remember the peculiar Naked Gnome. Consider sparing his life as a calculated strategy, not out of compassion. Use this gnome’s unique traits to your advantage and explore the limitless possibilities this adds to your gameplay. Can you adapt and strategize differently to maximize your gains from the Naked Gnome? Only time will tell. Until then, let the intriguing world of Wildfrost draw you in with its endless mysteries, and may the Naked Gnome guide you to a memorable gaming adventure.

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