Wildfrost 6x Kill Combo: How to Unlock Lil’ Gazi

Unlock Lil' Gazi with this crazy kill combo

How to get a 6x Kill Combo to unlock Lil Gazi in Wildfrost

There are many difficult aspects of Wildfrost. One of the hardest challenges to complete is getting a 6x kill combo. You’ve likely heard about this feat since the powerful Lil’ Gazi pet companion is unlocked after achieving this. While the process to obtain this adorable pet can be challenging, one of the key requirements is achieving a 6x kill combo.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to reach this level of gameplay and unlock the Lil’ Gazi pet companion. Get ready to dominate the game and show off your new furry friend!

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Wildfrost 6x Kill Combo: Unlock Lil’ Gazi


This setup to accomplish the 6x kill combo takes a little bit of luck and RNG. You’ll need to be persistent and prepared to restart a lot of runs.

Tribe Leader

To start, we recommend you pick a tribe Leader with the following stats:

  • 7+ Health
  • High Attack (6+ Recommended)
  • 4 or 6 Counter (5 also works, but it’s more difficult to line up with other attacks)
Ideal tribe Leader for 6x Kill Combo in Wildfrost
High Health, high Attack, and a good Counter

If none of the tribe Leaders meet these criteria, you can just restart the run. You can do this by pausing the game, going back to the main menu, clicking play, and then clicking the area where you start a run. Once there, simply click “give up” and start over again. Repeat this until you get a tribe Leader that fits the criteria. This will likely take some time.


You will also need to take Spike as your Pet Companion. He is crucial to completing the 6x kill combo.

Spike overview in Wildfrost
Spike helps get the 6x kill combo

Besides Spike, you don’t need any other Companions. Not that you can pick up more anyways, since you are doing this in the first battle.

Horde Bell Modifier

You can also enable the Horde Bell modifier if you have it unlocked.

Horde Bell modifier in Wildfrost
The Horde Bell Modifier isn’t necessary for the 6x Kill Combo, but it helps a little

This will give Spike a Crown, which allows you to play him immediately with your tribe Leader. This bell will also reduce the enemy wave counter, which speeds up the time it takes to get this combo overall.


Here is a quick overview of the concept for this strategy, and how it should (ideally) play out:

  1. On your side of the board, you have Spike (full Health) in front of your tribe Leader. On the other side, you have Big Peng, 1 Waddlegoons, and 4 Pengoons.
  2. On the combo turn, Big Peng can’t have more than 6 Health (or 8 Health if he’s synced up), and the Waddlegoons have 1 or 2 Health.
  3. At the end of your turn, all 4 Pengoons and the Waddlegoons attack Spike, killing each one, (5x Kill Combo).
    • OR, you kill the Waddlegoons with an item on the turn that all 4 Pengoons and your tribe Leader attack.
  4. In the same sequence, your tribe Leader hits Big Peng, killing him and completing the 6x kill combo.


Once you have a good tribe Leader, you can start the first battle. You need to be facing Pengoons, not Snowbos. If you are facing the Snowbos, you need to restart the run. Once you are facing the Pengoons, you are ready to start.

Pengoon battle in Wildfrost
You need to be facing Pengoons in the first battle. Otherwise, you need to restart

Starting off, you will want to place Spike down behind your tribe Leader. You want to conserve all of Spike’s Health for the last section of this battle. Make sure he doesn’t take any hits. This is why you need a tribe Leader with high Health; you’ll need them to absorb a lot of hits. Eventually, you will switch to Spike to the front when you are in the correct position to hit the combo.

Placing Spike behind tribe Leader in Wildfrost
Placing Spike behind your tribe Leader will save his Health for the final wave of enemies

With this being said, you still want to take as few hits as possible until the final section. Some hits are unavoidable but try to utilize Snow on some of the enemies when you can.

Quickly make sure to kill the Wild Snoof and the Chungoon you encounter first. Ignore the Gobling; you don’t need gold or want to risk messing up your setup. A Waddlegoons enemy will come with the second enemy wave. DO NOT kill the Waddlegoons, but instead, widdle down its health until it’s at 1 or 2.

Waddlegoons at low health in Wildfrost
Waddlegoons need to be at 2 or 1 Health for the final wave

Once the enemy wave time hits 0 again, you’ll be at the final boss stage of the battle; Big Peng. First, you will need to chip away at Big Peng’s health a little. A couple of Scrappy Swords or similar items should do the trick. If he is not synced with the other enemy attacks, then you will need to have him at 6 Health, otherwise, 8 Health should be fine.

Big Peng at low health in Wildfrost
You need to take out Big Peng in one hit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to line up every attack this time

This is the very important part; You need to have the Waddlegoons, Pengoons, and your tribe Leader all synced up with their attacks*. This means that they all have to trigger on the same turn. If you do not have them synced up, you can stall a couple of turns by taking the attacks with your tribe Leader. This is why you need one with high health, so you can absorb these hits.

*Big Peng doesn’t necessarily have to attack on this turn, you will just have to hit him twice with an item. If you can only hit him with one item before the sequence, you’ll need to make sure he is attacking as well. Since he has 8 Health at this time, he will need to hit Spike and take 2 damage, which puts his health at 6, in range of your tribe Leader.

Waddlegoons is the enemy most likely to be out of sync, which prevents you from getting the 6x combo. Your tribe Leader is sometimes out of sync as well. If both of them are out of sync, you’re probably out of luck and will need to restart the run. However, if only one is out of sync, you can sometimes fix this with any card that counts down a counter (Sun Rod, Sunburst Tootoo, or Sunsong Box, depending on your tribe).

If only the Waddlegoons are out of sync on that turn, you could also just hit them with an item to kill them. Believe it or not, killing enemies with items will include them in the combo with the subsequent card triggers, even if it feels like it’s a different sequence.

When you have everything set up correctly, don’t forget to place Spike in front of your tribe Leader. When the sequence plays out, the Pengoons and Waddlegoons should all hit Spike, killing each one. Right after, your tribe Leader will hit Big Peng for 6 damage, killing him. If everything goes right, you will kill all enemies in one turn, and finally achieve the 6x kill combo!

YouTuber Vinsonte has an excellent video breaking down this entire strategy:

It will likely take you several runs to actually pull off this strategy. It takes a bit of luck and RNG to finish. However, once you conceptually understand this strategy, it becomes much easier, and you don’t waste as much time wondering if you can pull it off. If you don’t have the setup done correctly, just restart the run.

After you get the 6x kill combo, you will unlock Lil’ Gazi, the best pet in the game.

Lil' Gazi overview in Wildfrost
Lil’ Gazi is unlocked once you get the 6x kill combo

Give yourself a pat on the back!


Now that you have a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a 6x kill combo and unlock Lil’ Gazi, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Persistence is key, as it may take several attempts to get the right tribe Leader as well as the timing of the Pengoon attacks. Remember to take your time, strategize your moves, and stay focused on your goal.

Once you do achieve the 6x kill combo and unlock the Lil’ Gazi pet companion, you can now sit back and enjoy your accomplishment. You’ll be able to show off your skills to other players in the Wildfrost community and continue dominating the game with your new furry companion by your side. So, keep practicing, and don’t give up. You’ve got this!

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