Wildfrost Best Pets: All 6 Ranked and How to Unlock Each One

Discover the Best Pet Companions in Wildfrost

Best Pet Companions in Wildfrost

Pets can be a game-changer in Wildfrost, offering unique benefits and advantages. Choosing the right Pet to start a game is crucial to progress through battles, but how do you unlock them? In this article, we’re going over the best pet companions in Wildfrost and providing a comprehensive guide on unlocking each one.

No matter what build you aim for, we’ve got you covered. Picking the right Pet can make your run more manageable and make some challenges more achievable. Get ready to discover the best pet companions and unlock their full potential!

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All Pet Companions in Wildfrost
All the Pet Companions you can unlock in Wildfrost

Note: To unlock each Pet, you must first unlock the previous Pet. (For example, to get the challenge to unlock Loki, you must have Booshu unlocked).


Spike overview in Wildfrost
Spike can’t attack and has Hogheaded, so he can’t be recalled either

Spike, without a doubt, is the worst pet Companion in Wildfrost. He is the fifth Pet Companion unlocked in Wildfrost. He has 8 Health, 2 Teeth, can’t attack, and can’t be recalled. He’s a sitting duck, just waiting to be attacked and soon after dying.

Yes, he can take out very weak enemies with his Teeth, like Pengoons. But do you know who else can? Every other Companion or Pet in the game.

Spike in battle in Wildfrost
Spike can only deal damage with his Teeth, so he’s going to get hit a lot

Surprisingly enough, there is only one good use for Spike, and it’s for unlocking Lil’ Gazi.

How to Unlock

“Kill 10 enemies with Teeth.”

To unlock Spike, you need to Kill 10 enemies with Teeth. This is not challenging; you must have the proper companions and items. Over time, you will naturally progress toward this unlock just by playing the game. You probably don’t need to focus very hard to complete this, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock Spike.

The best way to achieve this is by picking up Tusk when he is offered to join you. His ability adds 3 Teeth to all allies, which might be the best ability in the game, let alone helping you unlock Spike. Pair him with many tanky Companions, and you should have Spike unlocked quickly.


Booshu overview in Wildfrost
Booshu has a slow counter.

Booshu is the second Pet Companion unlocked. She has 4 Health, 3 Attack, 6 Counter, and restores 3 Health to all allies. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good.

Despite her good effect, her 6 Counter is too long to be reliable. She won’t be attacking or healing any allies very often. On top of that, 4 Health isn’t a lot, so she can’t take many hits while you’re waiting for her to trigger.

Booshu in battle in Wildfrost
When Booshu triggers, she restores 3 Health to all allies

She’s just not that good as is. Most other Pets would have attacked twice in the time Booshu attacked once. The 3 Health restoration on all allies isn’t worth waiting for six turns. She would be much better with a lower Counter or more Health.

At least she’s better than Spike.

How to Unlock

“Recall 3 Companions”

To unlock Booshu, you need to recall 3 Companions. This is incredibly easy and can be done in one battle, MAX two. You can likely do this in the first battle; choose a tribe Leader with high Health, and keep recalling your Pet.


Loki overview in Wildfrost
Loki’s ability is good, but his “Aimless” effect makes him unpredictable

Loki is the third Pet Companion unlocked in Wildfrost. He has 5 Health, 2 Attack, 3 Counter, Aimless, and applies 1 Demonize. He’s relatively durable, given that 5 Health is more than most other Pet Companions. However, his Aimless ability makes him unpredictable and risky.

The “Apply Demonize” effect is nice because it allows an ally to deal double damage to an enemy. Unfortunately, his Aimless ability will likely land it on the wrong enemy or, worse, hit an enemy with Teeth.

Loki in battle in Wildfrost
A workaround for Loki’s “aimless” ability is to have him attack enemies alone in lanes.

It’s hard to recommend Loki. He’s not bad; he’s just not as good as some other Pets. Outside of completing “Demonize” challenges, you’ll likely have a better option to pick for your Pet Companion. Only take him if you want a change of pace with your Pet.

How to Unlock

“Kill 3 Demonised enemies”

To unlock Loki, you need to kill 3 Demonised enemies. This is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need the proper Companions and items. Choosing a tribe Leader that applies Demonize is the most consistent way to unlock Loki.


Sneezle overview in Wildfrost
Sneezle is tanky, and his effect is decent.

Sneezle is the fourth Pet Companion unlocked and is very solid. Overall, he has no glaring weaknesses. His 2 Attack and 3 Counter are average, but his 6 Health makes him much more durable than the other Pet Companions.

Not to mention, his ability allows you to draw 1 card whenever he’s hit. This can boost your hand if you don’t want to ring the redraw bell before it’s counted down.

Sneezle in battle in Wildfrost
Put Sneezle in front of weak enemies for a quick card draw

He’s excellent to place in front of weaker enemies when they’re attacking, allowing you to draw 1-2+ cards. He’s fantastic in the early game, but he’s likely to get outclassed by other Companions toward the later stages of your run.

How to Unlock

“Buy 5 discounted Items”

To unlock Sneezle, you’ll need to buy five discounted items. You can find discounted items at the Snail Shops throughout your runs. Each shop has one discounted item. In the best-case scenario, you buy up to 3 discounted cards in a run. So, at a minimum, it will take two runs to unlock him.

Completing this task depends on how often you buy discounted items, simple as that.


Snoof overview in Wildfrost
Snoof is an all-around great Pet. He has good stats all around, and his ability is excellent.

Snoof is the first pet Companion you unlock in Wildfrost. Thankfully, he is also very good. He has 3 Health, 3 Attack, 3 Counter, and applies 1 Snow every attack. Those are very solid stats overall. Plus, his effect pairs well with Companions that get boosts from Snow, like Wallop.

Snow is a powerful mechanic in the game, and you’ll likely apply it frequently throughout battles. Having a Companion that attacks often and applies Snow is a huge help.

Snoof in battle in Wildfrost
Snoof’s ability applies 1 Snow every time he triggers, which can delay enemies’ attacks.

Until you unlock Lil’ Gazi, you should probably use Snoof for all your runs.

How to Unlock

Apply 10 Snow

Snoof is unlocked near the beginning of the game, right when you unlock the Pet House. To unlock the Pet House, you will need to Apply 10 Snow. This should be incredibly easy to achieve in just one or two battles, even if you are a beginner.

Odds are, however, that you probably already have him unlocked already.

Lil’ Gazi

Lil' Gazi overview in Wildfrost
Lil’ Gazi’s ability is so good and works amazingly with almost every build

Not only is Lil’ Gazi the best pet companion, but he could be considered one of the best Companions, period. He is the last (sixth) Pet Companion unlocked in Wildfrost. He has 3 Health, 4 Attack, and a 4 Counter. These alone are decent stats, but his effect makes him so powerful.

His effect grants all other allies +1 Attack. This works incredibly well with multi-attacking companions (like Foxee), summoned allies, barrage Companions, Clunkers, and honestly, every other Companion. Every ally you have in play gets +1 Attack, which is ludicrous.

Lil' Gazi in battle in Wildfrost
You should always pick Lil’ Gazi when starting a run unless you are completing specific challenges.

Just try to avoid having him take any hits. He only has 3 Health, so you should try to protect him.

Plus, he’s just adorable.

How to Unlock

“Achieve a 6x Kill Combo”

Given that Lil’ Gazi is the best Pet in Wildfrost, you would assume he is difficult to unlock, right? Well, you’re correct. Unlocking Lil’ Gazi is no picnic. You must get a 6x Kill Combo, meaning you must kill an entire enemy board in one turn.

Believe it or not, Spike is vital to completing the 6x Kill Combo. With our recommended technique, you need to get this combo on the last wave of Penguins (with Big Peng) in the first battle of every run.

You could try to do this at any other battle, but it will be tough for all the pieces to fall into place.


In Wildfrost, your choice of pet companion can make the difference between victory and defeat. We hope this guide has helped you pick the best Pet and unlock your full potential. Remember to choose wisely, as each Pet brings unique benefits and advantages. You’re now ready to embark on your adventure with the perfect companion by your side. Happy exploring!

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