Wildfrost Injuries Guide: Can Companions Die Permanently?

Overcome and Heal Injured Companions

Injured Companions in Wildfrost

While the enchanting visuals of Wildfrost may appear inviting, they conceal a meticulously designed tactical realm where precision matters. Among the many elements in this captivating roguelike deck-builder, one feature distinctly shapes your in-game journey: the Injury system.

Let’s dig into the dynamics of this element and provide insights on how to tackle Wildfrost injuries, ensuring that an injured Companion doesn’t signify the end of your journey.

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What are Injuries in Wildfrost?

For starters, companions can only be injured if you have the “Bell of Death” Storm Bell equipped. This was a change implemented in Patch 1.1.0.

It’s crucial to understand how injuries work in Wildfrost. Injuries are somewhat temporary debuffs given to Companions after they are killed. An injured Companion’s stats are halved (rounded up). This is an important distinction; only Companions can be injured, not Clunkers or Summons, and any form of death, including sacrifice, can result in an injury.

Injured Companions after winning a battle
Anytime a Companion is killed, it will be injured.

Being injured has significant consequences in Wildfrost. An injured Companion’s Attack and HP are cut in half, weakening them in combat and making them more vulnerable to future attacks.

Can Companions Die Permanently?

A durable Companion or one with hit-triggered abilities could become nearly worthless when injured. However, injuries do not stack, and multiple injuries will not cause the removal of a Companion from your deck. Companions can’t permanently die or be removed from your run, no matter how many times they are killed in battle. If your Companion continues to die in each battle, they will stay injured.

Advantages of Injuries

Strangely enough, Wildfrost offers a silver lining even in injuries. Although it might seem counterintuitive, particular Companions, like Egg and Chikichi, benefit from injuries.

An injured Egg dies faster, speeding up the summoning of the more powerful minion, Dregg, it produces upon death.

Advantages of Injured Egg Companion in Wildfrost
The Egg is one of the few Companions that benefits from being injured

Similarly, Chikichi summons a more powerful version of itself upon sacrifice, which remains uninjured. With its HP halved, getting Chikichi killed becomes easier.

How to Heal Injured Companions

Having discussed the Wildfrost injury system, let’s explore the process of injury recovery. The method is straightforward in theory but can be challenging in execution.

An injured Companion heals completely after surviving a whole battle.

Companions recovering from injuries in Wildfrost
Keeping a Companion alive for one battle will have them recover their injuries

The key here is survival, which you can achieve through two approaches:

Playing Cautiously with the Injured Companion

The most obvious approach would be to play through the injuries. Be extra careful when using injured Companions; they are less effective overall. You can still utilize their abilities, but they will have less Attack and Health due to their injured debuff.

Placing the Injured Companion in Reserves

While you risk losing a Companion in battle, the safety of the Reserves guarantees their survival and subsequent healing. Remove the injured Companion from your main deck and place them in Reserves. Once you win the next battle, your Companion will be fully healed.

Navigating the injury system in Wildfrost requires a balance of strategy, caution, and understanding the unique benefits particular Companions can draw from being injured. While injuries can be detrimental, they add another layer of depth to this captivating game, pushing your tactical skills to their limit.

Remember, an injured Wildfrost Companion isn’t the end of your game; it’s another challenge to overcome in this fascinating icy realm. By understanding and adeptly handling Wildfrost injuries, you can turn the tide of your adventure and march on to claim victory, no matter how brutal the storm. Keep pushing, for as the saying goes, “The darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow.”

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