Wildfrost: 5 Best Companions to Choose for Long Runs

Discover the top 5 companions for success in Wildfrost

A guide for the Best Companions in Wildfrost

It’s no secret that Wildfrost is difficult. Even seasoned veterans of deck-building roguelike games are struggling. However, having the right companions can make your experience smoother and more manageable.

In this article, we will highlight the top five companions that can help you overcome the difficulties of Wildfrost and emerge victorious. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, these companions are sure to give you the edge you need.

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Wildfrost: Best Companions


Overview of Tusk Companion in Wildfrost
Tusk has mediocre stats, but his ability is what makes him shine

Revolving mostly around defense, Tusk is undoubtedly the strongest companion that we have come across (so far). At the surface level he doesn’t appear to have great stats, and to be fair, he doesn’t. 5 Health is okay, but having a 5 Counter and only 2 Attack is weak compared to most other companions.

However, his ability is what makes him so strong. While active, Tusk adds 3 Teeth to all allies. This means that every time your allies take damage, they deal 3 damage back to the attacker. Pair this ability with a tanky companion for an impenetrable wall.

For enemies with Frenzy (triggers multiple times), this can chunk away their health with ease.

Tusk companion in battle in Wildfrost
Adding 3 Teeth to every ally is VERY strong

Your allies, unless killed, all fully heal at the end of a battle. Don’t be afraid to let them take some hits to inflict damage on enemies

It also should be noted that the 3 Teeth ability is also added to Items on the field, like Woodheads. So basically, ANYTHING an enemy hits something on the field, they will be dealt 3 damage. Tusk is very strong and should be picked up every time he’s offered.


Overview of Wallop Companion in Wildfrost
Wallop is tanky AND deals a ton of damage

Wallop is a damage powerhouse. With a base Attack of 4, he deals an additional 8 damage to Snow’d target, for a total potential damage of 12! You can easily one-shot most enemies, which makes him one of the best companions.

On top of his incredibly-high damage, he also has 9 Health, making him very tanky compared to other companions.

Not to mention, new players in Wildfrost have access to a lot of Snow’d-centric cards. The first Tribe you unlock is the Snowdwellers, which has a ton of cards focused around Snow, as well as Snoof being the first companion you unlock. Beginners playing Wildfrost have an arsenal of Snow’d cards to choose from.

Wallop companion in battle in Wildfrost
Dealing 12 damage is incredible

Wallop can single-handedly supercharge your run and is the best Companion for new players to pick up. If your Leader has a Snow’d ability, and you have Snoof in your deck (or even if you don’t), PLEASE grab Wallop if possible. You will have a great time.

He is VERY good; perhaps a little “too” good. I could see the developers increasing his Counter to 5 or reducing his health to tone his power level down.


Overview of Chikichi Companion in Wildfrost
Chikichi gets bigger and bigger each time you Sacrifice it

Chikichi is a true powerhouse when it comes to Wildfrost Companions. It is the dream Companion for any Sacrifice build. It may seem unimpressive with its initial 2/2 stats and 3 Counter, but its ability is incredible. When Sacrificed, Chikichi will resummon as a stronger version, increasing its Health and Attack by 2 each time (up to a 10/10 Chikagoru).

Once fully powered up, Chikichi transforms into the mighty Chikagoru, boasting monstrous 10/10 stats and retaining 3 Counter. When combined with Skull items, Groff, or Skullmist Tea, Chikichi can turn the tides of the game in your favor with ease.

Chikichi companion in battle in Wildfrost
Skullmist Tea is one of the best items to use on Chikichi

On top of this Chikichi is even better when injured! The lower amount of health makes it easier to sacrifice.

While it may take some time to reach its full potential, the rewards for investing in Chikichi are well worth it. Don’t underestimate the power of this versatile and resilient Companion.


Overview of Foxee Companion in Wildfrost
Foxee is a blank slate, perfect for charms and items

Foxee may not seem like much at first glance, but don’t let her unimpressive stats fool you. In fact, she may just be one of the most powerful Companions in the game, capable of slicing through enemies with the right items and charms.

While her stats may not be impressive with only 4 Health and 1 Attack, it’s her abilities that make her truly formidable. With Counter 3 and Frenzy x3, Foxee is a blank slate that can be customized with any card or ability to make her effectively three times more powerful than anything else.

Foxee companion buffed with charms and items in Wildfrost
When buffed with the right charms and items, Foxee becomes REALLY good

What makes Foxee even more impressive is her versatility. She can apply a variety of effects, such as Shroom, Overburn, Frost, Snow, Demonize, or deal pure damage, depending on the situation. She is also great at breaking Block since she attacks multiple times. She can also be paired with many other Companions, including the best pet Companion, Lil Gazi, for even more devastating combinations.

wildfrost foxee battle
Most of our winning runs have had Foxee as a companion

Don’t underestimate Foxee. While she may not look like much, she has the potential to be one of the most powerful and versatile Companions in Wildfrost, capable of breaking through even the toughest challenges with ease.

Just make sure to look out for Teeth!

Berry Sis

Overview of Berry Sis Companion in Wildfrost
Berry Sis provides big health buffs for your allies

Berry Sis is not as powerful as the previous companions mentioned, but she definitely is strong.

She is a rather tanky companion, with 8 health. Although a Counter of 3 is quick, she only has 2 attack, so she shouldn’t be used as your main damage dealer.

Her ability is what makes her so good. When she is hit, add the lost health to a random ally. So if she is dealt 5 damage, a random ally gets 5 health added. With a decent amount of health items and charms, you can really make her quite durable, while providing massive health buffs for your allies.

Keep in mind, Berry Sis’s ability does not restore health, it adds it. Even if your allies have full health, she will add additional health with her ability.

Berry Sis companion in battle in Wildfrost
Pairing Berry Sis with Teeth is a killer combo

If Berry Sis’s health gets low, you can just discard her back into your deck; she restores her health and doesn’t lose any buffs.

Overall, she is a very solid choice for a companion.


Wildfrost is a complex game that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck to succeed. However, with the right companions by your side, you can make the journey much smoother and easier. The five companions we have discussed in this article are among the best companions to consider when building your deck.

By utilizing their unique abilities, you can create powerful synergies and overcome even the toughest opponents. So, add these companions to your deck and embark on your journey through the world of Wildfrost with confidence.

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