Wildfrost Heart of the Storm: True Ending Guide

Beat Wildfrost's Final Boss and Unlock the True Ending

How to unlock the true ending and defeat the Heart of the Storm in Wildfrost

Update 2/10/24: Updated for Patch 1.1.0.

Embark on a thrilling journey through Wildfrost as we unravel the secrets of defeating the elusive Heart of the Storm, the enigmatic “secret” boss battle at this icy world’s core. Prepare yourself for a challenging endeavor, as this formidable encounter follows directly after the Eye of the Storm boss battle, putting your skills to the ultimate test.

In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate the prerequisites, strategies, and crucial steps required to unlock the Heart of the Storm and experience the true ending of Wildfrost’s story. Get ready to delve into the depths of this frozen realm and emerge victorious against the storm’s relentless fury.

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Overview – Heart of the Storm (True Ending)

The Heart of the Storm is the “secret” boss battle right after you beat the Eye of the Storm boss battle (given you have The Lumin Vase and at least 10 points of Storm Bells). Yes, that means two boss fights in a row, which is very difficult.

The Heart of the Storm boss fight on the map in Wildfrost
The Heart of the Storm boss fight takes place after the Eye of the Storm boss fight.

More or less, this is the “true” final boss for Wildfrost. More lore is revealed, and you get a decent, albeit a bit underwhelming, conclusion to the story.

To unlock the “true ending,” you need to equip at least 10 points of Storm Bells, form the Lumin Vase, and defeat the Eye of the Storm in the same run.


Before we begin, let’s go over the prerequisites for the Heart of the Storm boss fight:

Equip at least 10 points of Storm Bells

You need to have at least 10 points of Storm Bells active to find the Lumin Vase parts during your run. This is required to unlock the Heart of the Storm boss fight.

Beating the Eye of the Storm the first time will unlock the ability to equip Storm Bells. Each bell comes with a specific amount of Storm Strength Points. The total amount of points is calculated by each Storm Bell you have equipped. The starting limit is 5 points, and increases by 1 each time you defeat the Frost Guardian at the max threshold.

Storm Bells and the Storm Bell Limit in Wildfrost.
The Storm Strength Limit will need to be at least 10 for the Lumin Vase parts to show up on the map.

Equipping 10 points of Storm Bells will allow you to pick up/buy the pieces needed to form the Lumin Vase.

Forming the Lumin Vase

To actually “unlock” the Heart of the Storm boss fight, you must create The Lumin Vase item while you progress through a run. This can be done by getting the Lumin Goop and Broken Vase items.

Map Locations

Both parts of the Lumin Vase can be found at specific locations on the map. The map locations will be lit up and brighter than the others.

Here is a visual difference between these variations:

Lumin Goop can be picked up at a lit-up Treasure Chest, whereas the Broken Vase can be bought at a lit-up Snail Shop.

Update: As of version 1.0.5, Lumin Goop & Broken Vase can also be found in Gnome Traveller and Charm Merchant events.

Granted, the indicator for these items isn’t super bright, so keep an eye out, or you may skip over it by accident.

Remember that Lumin Goop and Broken Vase are actual item cards, so they will take up a card slot in your deck. Neither of these cards can be played, so they are “useless” cards in battle.

However, once you have both pieces, they will immediately form The Lumin Vase. It becomes a usable item and is added to your deck. It’s a very good item and should be a great addition to any deck.

The Lumin Vase

The Lumin Vase item in Wildfrost
The Lumin Vase

Using The Lumin Vase will give 1 Lumin to a card. Lumin doubles the target card’s effects. No matter what the effect is, as long as it’s numerical (IE 1, 2, etc.), it can be doubled with Lumin. It’s extremely strong and should be used as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that you can only have one “Lumin” active at once. If you play the Lumin Vase while you have an active Lumin, the old Lumin will be removed and placed on the new target.


Besides getting the Lumin Vase, there aren’t any specific things you need to have to defeat the Heart of the Storm. Play as if you want to progress as far as you can, meaning picking up the best companions and items. You’ll also want to be aware of the exclusive cards that your chosen Tribe can offer you. If you have the “Injury” Storm Bell active, do your best not to let any companions die during the Eye of the Storm battle; injured Companions will make the final battle much more difficult.

Normally, once you defeat the Eye of the Storm, the Emperor Shade will infect you, stealing your character for the new boss for the next run. However, this time, the Emperor Shade will just flee, giving you Victory.

Beating the Eye of the Storm boss battle in Wildfrost
Instead of infecting your character, the Emperor Shade will flee

Now, the only thing left is to take on the Heart of the Storm.

The Heart of the Storm boss fight on the map in Wildfrost
You need to beat the Heart of the Storm to unlock the true ending

Final Battle

Once you reach the Heart of the Storm, you will be greeted by 6 “Frost” boss enemies. Don’t place your companions down yet (more on that below). The enemies are all very good, but there is an order for which you should kill them.

Heart of the Storm enemies in Wildfrost
The 6 Frost Bosses guarding the “Heart of the Storm”

Frost Jailer

This is the most important part of the boss fight. DO NOT place your Companions down yet. If you haven’t noticed, the Frost Jailer has an ability where you can’t move your Companions. You need to carefully plan where each Companion needs to go. You will not be able to move them until he is killed (or inked).

Moving companions is something everyone has grown accustomed to in Wildfrost, so it will feel really weird and uncomfortable when you actually can’t move them.

Frost Jailer enemy in Wildfrost
The Frost Jailer should be your #1 priority to kill first

Killing the Frost Jailer should be your first priority. Not being able to move your Companions will cripple your run, and you will end up dying eventually. You’ll probably have the best luck with placing a high Health Companion in front of the Frost Jailer, followed by your heavy damage dealers. You want to take him out quickly before the other Frost bosses start to roll.

Once the Frost Jailer is killed, you should be in a much better position. There isn’t any magic to the rest of the battle; just make sure you utilize Snow on enemies. Keep an eye out for Frost Muncher, and make sure that you have an unimportant card on the right of your hand if it’s about to trigger.

Battling the Heart of the Storm in Wildfrost
The battle is more manageable when the Frost Jailer is dead

If you manage to take out the rest of the enemies, then you will emerge victorious! The Emperor Shade will emerge once again.

Killing the Frost Bomber in Wildfrost
Defeating all enemies will reveal the Emperor Shade

True Ending

After the battle, similar to the Eye of the Storm fight, the Emperor Shade will attempt to infect you. However, this time, you can throw the Lumin Vase to protect yourself!

Throwing the Lumin Vase at the Emperor Shade in Wildfrost
Throw The Lumin Vase to capture the Emperor Shade

The Emperor Shade will hit the Lumin Vase and will become trapped in it. Congrats! You’ve now eliminated the evil that caused the events of Wildfrost!

Defeating the Heart of the Storm in Wildfrost
The only time you can actually “survive” a run in Wildfrost

Soon, the credits will start to roll, showing that the Sun has returned! The Emperor Shade trapped in the Lumin Vase is also up on display. I’m sure nothing bad will happen to it…

Ending Credits for Wildfrost
Wildfrost Ending Credits


After defeating the Heart of the Storm and completing the true ending, you will get a couple of rewards/achievements:

Spark Charm

The main reward for defeating the Heart of the Storm is the Spark Charm. After completing the Sunbringer Challenge, you will unlock the Spark Charm.

The Spark Charm in Wildfrost

The Spark Charm will give the attached card Spark. When deployed, any card with Spark will trigger immediately, at the cost of not being able to be recalled. This is a good but risky Charm, so make sure you put it on a Companion that has a really good attack.

Sunbringer Acheivement

For defeating the Heart of the Storm, you will unlock the “Sunbringer” achievement in Steam.

The Sunbringer Achievement for Wildfrost
Sunbringer Achievement


After defeating the Heart of the Storm, you have now officially beat Wildfrost! Feel free to complete the other difficult challenges, or maybe try your hand at the Daily Voyage. Also, the Eye of the Storm boss battle will now reset back to the original “Frost Guardian” boss; the one you played when you first beat the game.

Congratulations! By conquering the Heart of the Storm, you have reached the pinnacle of Wildfrost’s challenges and unraveled the game’s true ending. With the Sun restored, and the Emperor Shade vanquished, balance returns to this frigid world. Revel in the rewards of your triumph, including the powerful Spark Charm, a testament to your remarkable feat.

As the credits roll and the Lumin Vase stands as a symbol of your victory, take a moment to reflect on your epic journey. But remember, this is not the end. Wildfrost offers further adventures and greater challenges for those seeking to test their mettle. Whether you choose to tackle tougher quests or embark on the Daily Voyage, the world of Wildfrost awaits your continued exploration.

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