Wildfrost One Punch Challenge: Charm Unlock Guide

"One Punch" the Frost Guardian and unlock the Molten Egg charm

How to complete the One Punch Challenge in Wildfrost

Are you trying to complete the “One Punch” challenge in Wildfrost, but feel intimidated by the idea of defeating the final boss with just 2 Attack? Fear not, because completing this challenge is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a Scrappy Sword and some patience to take down the Frost Guardian and unlock the Molten Egg charm that comes with this accomplishment.

With the right setup and a bit of strategy, you can easily conquer this challenge and impress your inner ego. So, let’s dive into the details of how you can successfully complete the “One Punch” challenge in Wildfrost.

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How do you complete the One Punch challenge?

The requirements to complete the One Punch challenge/achievement are quite straightforward:

Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword

Self-evidently, you will need to take down the Frost Guardian with a single Scrappy Sword. Meaning, you will most likely need to widdle down the Frost Guardian’s health until it is low enough to be killed with a Scrappy Sword.


Before you being, you should know that the Scrappy Sword is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe. Just make sure to pick a tribe Leader from that Tribe before you start your run.

Snowdwellers Tribe in Wildfrost
The Snowdwellers Tribe is the first tribe you unlock in Wildfrost

The Snowdwellers starting deck has 3 Scrappy Sword items. These are more than enough, and you should not add any more to your deck (via Shade Sculptor).

The Scrappy Sword item in hand in Wildfrost
Every Snowdweller deck starts with 3 Scrappy Swords

The best strategy is to simply play through your run as best as you can…like you would normally. Try to build the best possible team to make it to the final stage. For your starting Pet, you should pick one of the best ones, either Snoof or Lil’ Gazi.

Make sure you pick up the best companions, as well as some exclusive cards that suit your Tribe.

Much like every other battle in Wildfrost, getting in the position to complete this challenge involves some skill and a decent amount of luck. But with persistence, you will be able to get this finished.

Frost Guardian Battle

Once you make it to the final Boss battle, just play as you would normally. You don’t need to shift your strategy until the final 1% of the battle.

The Frost Guardian boss with 2 Health left in Wildfrost
The trickiest part is getting the Frost Guardian to 2 Health without killing him

There really isn’t a lot of complexity with completing this challenge. The time-consuming part is getting yourself in a position where the Frost Guardian isn’t dead but very low in health. Feel free to throw your other companions in the way if the Frost Guardian is about to take out your tribe Leader.

Overall, it is way easier to “reign in” your powerful Companions than it is to power them up. Meaning, if your Companions are doing “too good”, and are about to kill the Frost Guardian, just recall them back into your deck. Worst case scenario, you can freeze them yourself with Snow. After that, you can easily chip away at the Frost Guardian until he is at 2 or less Health.

Once you have the Frost Guardian at 2 or 1 Health, hit him with your Scrappy Sword!

Killing the Frost Guardian boss with a Scrappy Sword in Wildfrost
It’s a great feeling when you complete this challenge

And that’s all there is to it! If you check your challenges in the pause menu, you should see that the One Punch challenge is now completed. If you are on PC or Steam Deck, you should’ve seen the “One Punch” achievement pop up sometime soon after the fight ends.

Molten Egg Charm

When you complete the One Punch challenge, you unlock the Molten Egg Charm:

Gain Consume, +5 Attack (Only applies to cards that don’t already have Consume)

One Punch Charm in Wildfrost
On top of the great satisfaction of victory, the Molten Egg charm you unlock is also good

Best Uses

Overall, this charm is pretty good. Giving an item +5 Attack is obviously good, but adding Consume is also good. Adding this to a Scrappy Sword or a Gearhammer gives you a massive damage boost, with a total Attack of 7. Also, Consume prevents them from being drawn again for the rest of the battle.

The absolute dream scenario is putting this on Slapcrackers. The Attack is increased to 6, and since it triggers 4 times, you get 24 total damage out of one Slapcrackers. Amazing.

Definitely try to grab this charm if you see it at the Charm Merchant!


Now that you know how to complete the “One Punch” challenge in Wildfrost, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Remember to take your time and carefully plan out your attack on the Frost Guardian. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt, as it may take a few tries to get the right timing and approach.

Once you do accomplish this feat, you’ll feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in your achievement, not to mention the added bonus of the Molten Egg charm as a reward. So, go forth and conquer the “One Punch” challenge, and show off your impressive skills to the Wildfrost community!

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