About Us

We are Shark Games; a video game blog founded by Ethan Floyd back in March 2023.

Since then, we have been dedicated to providing an authentic perspective on gaming and established ourselves as a global authority on video games. We were the first to report that a God of War Ragnarok sequel is in the works. We cover games of all genres and attend the best conferences to uncover new games in the pipeline.

We believe in delivering insightful tips and comprehensive guides to enhance your gaming experience. Our mission is to go beyond surface-level content and provide you with valuable information that truly helps you navigate the games you love.

  • In-Depth Reviews: We understand that game reviews should be more than just arbitrary ratings. Our team of experienced gamers and industry enthusiasts take the time to delve deep into games, dissecting gameplay mechanics, graphics, narrative, and more. Our reviews offer a comprehensive understanding of the gaming experience, allowing you to make informed decisions about the games you play.
  • Original Insights: The gaming industry constantly evolves, with new technologies, trends, and innovations shaping the landscape. At Shark Games, we stay at the forefront of these changes, keeping you updated on the latest developments.
  • Passionate Experts: Truly, we are gamers first and writers second. At Shark Games, our team is driven by an unwavering love for gaming. We are dedicated to uncovering this ever-evolving medium’s history, innovation, and future possibilities.

Meet the Team

Here, you’ll find all the staff of Shark Games and links to their social media pages as proof that they aren’t AI-generated personas. Click on their names to be taken to their Author Pages.

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Ethan is the founder of Shark Games and oversees all site content. He's been a dedicated (mainly PlayStation) gamer for over 15 years, netting him over 4000 Trophies; 25 of which are Platinum. Over these countless hours, he has developed a passion for both digital card games and story-driven adventure games. He's reached the "Legend" rank in both Standard and Wild modes in Hearthstone. God of War Ragnarok is his favorite game of all time, and he's 100% completed every game in the Ratchet and Clank franchise (except for the garbage ones on handhelds). He also sucks at League of Legends.
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Tyler has over 11 years of experience playing strategy games. He has a particular fondness for Europa Universalis IV, of which he has logged over 900 hours. Despite the challenges that come with playing a complex game like EU4, Tyler finds it incredibly rewarding and loves sharing his knowledge and strategies with fellow gamers. Outside of EU4, Tyler is a massive Star Wars junkie. He also likes 2K too much and doesn't eat enough vegetables.
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