God of War Ragnarok Sequel teased by Tyr Voice Actor

The voice of Tyr hints about the upcoming God of War Ragnarok sequel during a panel discussion at PAX East 2023.

ben prendergast at pax east 2023 and Tyr from God of War Ragnarok

Update: It appears that the tease referred to the God of War Ragnarok DLC: Valhalla. It is also possible that there is more coming down the pipeline.

No one expected a God of War Ragnarok sequel tease at PAX 2023. The God of War retrospective panel at PAX East 2023 had been billed as a chance for fans to reminisce about the beloved franchise and learn more about the making of the latest game. Little did fans know that they were in for a treat about the future of God of War.

For lack of a better term, the “main attraction” of the panel was the presence of Ben Prendergast, the voice actor of “Tyr” from God of War: Ragnarok. His significant role in the game’s story and contribution to shaping the narrative of Ragnarok transformed it into an iconic gaming experience.

Fans were excited to hear about his first-hand experience with the game’s creation.

But little did they know that the panel would provide a surprise sneak peek at the upcoming sequel. Midway through the discussion, a tantalizing detail about the new game was revealed when the voice actor portraying “Tyr” slipped up, sending some of the crowd into a mild flurry of speculation and excitement.

Who is the Voice Actor for Tyr in God of War Ragnarok?

Headshot of Ben Prendergast

Tyr is voiced by the Australian voice actor, Ben Prendergast. Ben is known for his work in the video game industry, having voiced Fuse in Apex Legends and also Patroclus in Hades.

He has also done work for some more miscellaneous roles, including General Hux in The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.

Sequel Hinted

When discussing the role of Tyr in God of War Ragnarok, Ben casually threw in this bit of info towards the end of the segment:

And I’ll dare say this won’t be the last we’ll see Tyr either.

Ben Prendergast on the future of Tyr in the God of War francise

His comment has left people whispering to each other in anticipation and speculation about what they heard regarding the God of War Ragnarok sequel.

Take a look at the video from the event:

Right before the Q&A section of the panel, the host of the panel, cypheroftyr, appeared to ask the other panelists a diffusing question about where they would like to see the franchise go in the future. This move seemed to be an attempt to delude some of the more specific details that had been revealed earlier in the panel by Ben.

Given that many attendees were lining up to ask the actor direct questions about the upcoming God of War Ragnarok sequel, the host may have been trying to steer the conversation in a less revealing direction to avoid spoiling too much for the eager audience.

However, in this final section before the Q&A, Ben did shed a little more light on his situation. With the future of the God of War franchise, Ben said that he “knows a little, but doesn’t know much” about the next game in the series (he also humorously mentioned that he signed an NDA). He most likely has gotten word from some folks at Santa Monica that they are planning another God of War, but don’t have any story elements or ideas set in stone (or where it may take place).

god of war ragnarok sequel egypt
God of War Ragnarok Sequel in Egypt?

It’s worth noting that I and at least 100 other attendees were present at the God of War retrospective panel when Ben let slip the tantalizing detail about the upcoming God of War Ragnarok sequel. You may think this article seems to come from “trust me bro” information, but it’s more like “trust me and the hundreds of other people who attended the panel bro” information. Hopefully, more video footage of this will arise in the coming days.

Despite the technical difficulties, the event was an exciting opportunity for fans to gather and share their love for the iconic franchise. For those who were unable to attend, the news and insights shared at the panel only add to the anticipation for what promises to be another thrilling chapter in the God of War franchise.

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