Where to find Stealthfin Trout in Tears of the Kingdom (+ Map)

Tips for finding this illusive fish

An image of a Stealthfin Trout in water next to Link holding a bunch of Stealthfin Trout

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, there’s a whole world filled with animals, plants, and lots of things to find. One of those things is the Stealthfin Trout, a special kind of fish required for the final upgrade to the Stealth Outfit. It might seem hard to keep track of where to find everything in the game, including this fish. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find lots of Stealthfin Trout easily. Let’s get ready to go fishing in Tears of The Kingdom and catch those fish together.

Stealthfin Trout Locations (Map)

Stealthfin Trout are exclusive to one region in Tears of the Kingdom: the Great Hyrule Forest. Wrapped along the outside of the Great Hyrule Forest is Mekar Lake; the only spawning point for Stealthfin Trout.

To get to this spot, you can either spawn at a nearby shrine or skydive down from one in the sky.

This map outlines the spawning points we found for Stealthfin Trout, as well as the recommended route to look for these fish:

a map detailing where Stealthfin Trout are located and how to best catch them in Tears of the Kingdom
These spawn points may not be exact. Steathfin Trout can spawn near any point in this section.

Make sure to not get too close to the forest, as this could despawn Link and teleport you to the entrance of the Lost Woods.

Link swimming near two Stealthfin Trout in Tears of the Kingdom
Keep a good distance away from the fog.

Fish Not Spawning?

If you look through this region and don’t find any Stealthfin Trout (or run out of fish), close the game and restart. This will “reboot” the respawning mechanism and respawn new fish. There should be an abundance of new fish to catch.

Best ways to catch Stealthfin Trout

Here is the recommended setup for easily catching these fish:

  • Go at night: Stealthfin Trout give off a shiny, bioluminescent glow at night, making them much easier to spot.
  • Track Stealthfin Trout with your Sensor+: This is a no-brainer for most but sometimes overlooked. Tracking these fish with your sensor will notify you when in proximity to them.
  • Wear the Stealth Outfit (Lv 2): The full outfit will you a speed boost during nighttime. This dramatically speeds up the time it takes to catch Stealthfin Trout. Not to mention, this outfit also makes you more quiet, making fish less likely to swim away.
    • You can also take a movement boost Elixir as a substitute.
  • Use an electricity weapon to shock fish: The quintessential way to catch fish in TOTK is to shock them, which causes them to rise to the surface. The Topaz Rod (Magic Rod + Topaz) is the best way to catch them since the lightning attacks split into 3 orbs, rather than just 1 with any other weapon.
  • Don’t sprint near fish: Spooking a fish will cause it to swim away, making it harder to catch. With the Stealth Outfit, you should run, not sprint near fish.
  • Don’t use a boat: A speed boost will work just as well, if not better for catching fish than a boat will be. Plus, every time camp at a fire, the boat will despawn. It’s much easier to run on foot after fish.

With all of these factors in mind, start making your way along the coastline. Stay close to the water. Keep running until your Sensor goes off. Once it does, it should be easy to spot the Stealthfin Trout due to how bright they are.

Two Stealthfin Trout in the water next to the shore in Tears of the Kingdom
Stealthfin Trout are usually found in groups of 2 or 3.

With the fish in sight, simply throw orbs at the water near the fish. You do not need to directly hit the fish; the electrical shock has a wide area of effect.

Aiming a topaz rod at two fish in Tears of the Kingdom
When using a weapon fused to a Topaz, aim with the “R” button and release it to throw an electrical orb.

If you don’t have an electric weapon, you can also shoot arrows fused to Shock Fruit for the same effect. Once the fish are floating, simply swim out to each one and collect them. Rinse and repeat until there are no more trout left.

Can you buy Stealthfin Trout in TOTK?

Unfortunately, there is no way to buy Stealthfin Trout in Tears of the Kingdom. You will have to resort to finding them in the wild.

Best Uses for Stealthfin Trout

Eating a Stealthfin Trout raw will heal you a little, giving you one heart back. But there are smarter ways to use this fish:

Cooking with Recipes

When you cook Stealthfin Trout, you will make food that gives a boost to stealth. If you mix in ingredients that don’t affect stealth or boost it, like using three Stealthfin Trouts and two Silent Princess flowers, you get a dish that makes you harder to spot for ten minutes.

Upgrading Stealth Armor

Link holding 5 Stealthfin Trout while wearing the Stealth outfit in Tears of the Kingdom
Funnily enough, the Stealth Armor Set is the best set to use when catching Stealthfin.

To make your Stealth Armor Set the best it can be, you’ll need a bunch of Stealthfin Trouts—30 in total. Upgrading each piece of the set with ten trouts will not only make you stealthier but also bump up your defense to 48.

That wraps up our guide on snagging Stealthfin Trout in Tears of The Kingdom. Keep it locked to Shark Games for more helpful hints, walkthroughs, and strategies. Stealthfin Trout are excellent for crafting stealth-enhancing dishes, so start cooking with them if you’re planning on sneaking through Hyrule unnoticed. Pair them with the game’s Stealth armor sets, and you’ll glide past even the toughest foes undetected. Perfect for those moments when discretion is better than confrontation.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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