Jedi Survivor Stances: Which One is Best?

Master All 5 Lightsaber Stances in Jedi Survivor

Different Stances in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Experience the groundbreaking evolution of lightsaber combat in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, featuring an expanded selection of stances that surpasses its predecessor. From the moment you embark on your gaming adventure, you gain access to the three iconic stances from the previous installment: Single, Double-Bladed, and Dual Wield. However, Jedi Survivor takes it to the next level by introducing two thrilling new stances: Blaster and Crossguard.

In this article, we provide an in-depth overview of each lightsaber stance, shedding light on their distinctive advantages and potential drawbacks. It’s worth noting that players can equip up to two stances simultaneously, with the flexibility to switch between them at designated meditation spots. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of lightsaber combat, empowering you with the knowledge to master these dynamic combat styles in Jedi Survivor.

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Jedi Survivor Single Stance Icon

Single Stance

Single Stance in Jedi Survivor
Single Stance

The Single lightsaber stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor embodies the classic Jedi style, offering a balanced and versatile approach to combat. Unlike the other five stances, the Single stance presents no significant benefits or drawbacks, making it a reliable choice for various situations. With proficient parrying skills, this stance proves effective in one-on-one battles and encounters with smaller groups. Enhancing the Single Stance with skill tree upgrades unlocks powerful moves like the lunging stab, the devastating overhead strike, and the impactful jumping slam attack.

Single Stance Skill Tree in Jedi Survivor
Single Stance Skill Tree

Immersing players in the lore, this stance captures the essence of being a classic Jedi. Experience the timeless elegance of the Single lightsaber stance as you engage in thrilling lightsaber combat in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor DoubleBladed Stance Icon

Double-Bladed Stance

DoubleBladed Stance in Jedi Survivor
Double-Bladed Stance

The Double-Bladed lightsaber stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor pays homage to the iconic Darth Maul style and has garnered a devoted following among fans. This stance shines brightest in encounters involving numerous adversaries, thanks to its ability to strike multiple enemies simultaneously. However, in my experience, the Double-Bladed stance proved less effective in one-on-one combat compared to other stances, limiting its versatility. I also found it to be underpowered in boss encounters, leading me to rely on alternative stances.

Nonetheless, the skill tree associated with the Double-Bladed stance offers valuable abilities tailored for engaging larger groups of foes, which can prove advantageous in certain missions.

DoubleBladed Stance Skill Tree in Jedi Survivor
Double-Bladed Stance Skill Tree

When facing overwhelming numbers, it’s worth exploring the potential of the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance to overcome the odds.

Jedi Survivor Dual Wield Stance Icon

Dual Wield Stance

Dual Wield Stance in Jedi Survivor
Dual Wield Stance

The Dual Wield lightsaber stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has gained popularity, drawing inspiration from Jedi like Ahsoka Tano, and offers an exhilarating combat experience. This stance embodies an aggressive and offensive approach, allowing you to unleash rapid strikes that swiftly break through an enemy’s guard and inflict substantial damage.

However, it’s important to note that the Dual Wield stance sacrifices some defensive capabilities in exchange for its offensive prowess. In my experience, this stance performed well in encounters with small groups of enemies and proved effective in one-on-one boss battles, thanks to its ability to penetrate an enemy’s guard.

The associated skill tree offers abilities that enhance this stance, such as stunning multiple enemies simultaneously and utilizing a lightsaber throw that ricochets between foes.

Dual Wield Stance Skill Tree in Jedi Survivor
Dual Wield Stance Skill Tree

Embrace the thrilling and relentless nature of the Dual Wield lightsaber stance to dominate your adversaries in combat.

Jedi Survivor Blaster Stance Icon

Blaster Stance

Blaster Stance in Jedi Survivor
Blaster Stance

The Blaster stance, one of the exciting new additions in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, offers a unique and distinct combat approach. While it may feel slower and less effective in close-quarters combat, this stance truly shines in ranged situations. With the Blaster stance, you have the ability to freely fire your blaster, utilizing both normal shots and charged shots that consume 2 slots. Engaging enemies while utilizing the Blaster Stance not only provides an exhilarating combat experience but also offers a unique advantage: the replenishment of ammunition. This ingenious mechanic allows you to maintain a sustained barrage of firepower against your foes.

While I personally didn’t find this stance practical in many situations compared to others, it did prove useful in non-lightsaber boss encounters. It provides an opportunity to maintain distance and inflict additional damage against bosses who cannot block your shots. Additionally, it can be effective against agile foes like jetpack enemies or elevated adversaries. However, I found that a well-timed blaster bolt block or a jumping strike could be equally effective.

The standout ability in the Blaster skill tree is the quick draw ability, enabling you to target multiple enemies simultaneously.

Blaster Stance Skill Tree in Jedi Survivor
Blaster Stance Skill Tree

Embrace the Blaster stance for its unique advantages and adapt it to situations where its ranged capabilities prove advantageous.

Jedi Survivor Crossguard Stance Icon

Crossguard Stance

Crossguard Stance in Jedi Survivor
Crossguard Stance

Introducing the Crossguard Stance, a captivating addition to Star Wars Jedi Survivor, inspired by prominent force users like Kylo Ren. This stance boasts exceptional attack and defense capabilities, albeit with a trade-off of slower attack speed. Throughout my gameplay experience, I discovered that the Crossguard Stance excels in one-on-one combat situations. In fact, I relied on this stance with tremendous success in nearly every boss encounter.


One of the notable advantages of the Crossguard Stance is its ease of parrying, allowing you to deflect incoming attacks with precision. Furthermore, this stance enables you to inflict substantial damage upon an enemy’s guard, making you a formidable force on the battlefield. From my perspective, the Crossguard Stance stands out as a top recommendation to occupy your stance slot at all times.

Crossguard Stance Skill Tree in Jedi Survivor
Crossguard Stance Skill Tree

Exploring the skill tree associated with this stance reveals powerful cleave attacks and an impressive jumping ground slam. These abilities further enhance your combat prowess, providing devastating offensive maneuvers to overwhelm your adversaries.

Embrace the Crossguard Stance in Jedi Survivor and unleash its formidable attack power and solid defense. With its impressive parrying capabilities and devastating strikes, this stance empowers you to become an unstoppable force in combat. Make it a cornerstone of your lightsaber combat strategy and experience the true might of the Crossguard Stance.

Which Lightsaber Stance is Best?

While the choice of the best lightsaber stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is subjective, it’s hard to ignore the formidable power of the Dual Wield stance. With its intense offensive capabilities, the Dual Wield stance allows players to unleash a flurry of fast strikes, breaking through enemy guards and dealing substantial damage.

However, it’s important to note that the other stances, such as the versatile Single stance, the crowd-controlling Double-Bladed stance, the unique ranged capabilities of the Blaster stance, and the formidable defense of the Crossguard stance, all have their own merits and can be effective in different combat scenarios.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor presents an array of captivating lightsaber stances, each with its own strengths and applications. While the Dual Wield stance emerges as a formidable choice with its offensive prowess, the Single, Double-Bladed, Blaster, and Crossguard stances offer unique advantages in different combat scenarios. Whether you seek balance, crowd control, ranged precision, or devastating one-on-one power, these stances provide a diverse and engaging experience. Choose your stance wisely, adapt your strategy, and become a true master of lightsaber combat in Jedi Survivor. May the Force be with you on your epic journey.

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