Dave the Diver Night Dive: A Comprehensive Guide

Your Complete Guide to Diving After Dark

Night Diving in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is an extraordinary game that everyone should play. One of the game’s core elements revolves around diving for fish and catching them. Initially, you can only dive twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. However, most players are unaware you can dive at night once you progress far into the story.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the thrilling realm of night diving in the game Dave the Diver. We’ll explore the unique marine species, difficulty adjustments and unveil how these nightly dives directly affect your progress at the Bancho Sushi restaurant.

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Venturing into the ocean after dark presents both opportunities and dangers. It’s a treat for the daring player as sharks and other threatening creatures move closer to the surface, making rare fish more accessible. However, the increased risk of attacks adds an exciting edge to the gameplay. Skilled players who navigate these challenges can reap substantial rewards.

How to Unlock Night Diving

To unlock the ability to night dive, you must first start the “Sea People Language Translator” mission in Chapter 2. One of the nights following the start of this mission, a special patron will arrive at the bar. He will then ask you to make him Moray Eel Curry, which requires you to catch a Moray Eel. This prompts the start of the “A Noisy Customer” quest and unlocks the ability to night dive.

Exclusive Fish

Diving at night allows you to discover fish you wouldn’t usually see while diving during the day. Fish such as the Moray Eel and Box Jellyfish can only be found during night dives.

Harpooning a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver
The Moray Eel can only be found while night diving

Not only can exclusive fish be caught, but you will also be able to take on more boss fights. Some boss fights, like the Truck Hermit Crab, are exclusive to night diving.


As expected, the gameplay becomes more difficult when you dive at night. Seeing fish and items in the dark becomes harder, meaning you will need to get closer to identify the species correctly. You may swim near a shark without realizing it, leading to unforeseen consequences (or even death).

Diving into the water at night in Dave the Diver
Diving at night is both beautiful and scary.

Not only are the dangerous fish harder to see, but there will also be more of them roaming around at night. You will find a plethora of different sharks and eels swimming within 50 meters of the ocean surface.

Getting chased by a shark at night in Dave the Diver
Sharks may jump out at you quickly, giving you little time to react

The presence of more dangerous fish is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it takes you less time to see (and potentially catch) rare fish. Conversely, it’s more dangerous, and more fish will attack you. It takes a skillful player to reap the rewards that night diving offers fully.

Impact on Bancho Sushi

Night diving will reduce the total amount of hours you can sell sushi at Bancho Sushi by ⅓. You will have roughly 33% less time to sell sushi at the restaurant that night.

The reduced amount of hours at Bancho Sushi after diving at night
⅓ of evening working hours will be consumed after you dive at night

You will want to keep this in mind when you consider night diving. Some nights, having the restaurant open longer is probably better to increase the money you receive. You also should be aware that your staff has the same expenses every night, regardless of how long it is. This can eat away at your profitability and further delay the progress you make in the game. It’s crucial to balance night diving and working at the sushi restaurant.


In conclusion, Dave the Diver presents a riveting world of night diving that tests your strategic prowess and dares you to explore the enigmatic aquatic realm after sundown. With the unique marine species that surface only at night, the heightened gameplay challenges, and the essential balance between the thrill of diving and the demands of running Bancho Sushi, the game offers a captivating blend of adventure and strategy.

As you unlock and master night diving, remember that the balance between braving the dark, dangerous waters and the necessary restaurant operations is at the heart of your success in Dave the Diver. Immerse yourself in this thrilling nocturnal adventure, gear up for the challenges, and strategize to reap substantial rewards while running a successful sushi business.

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