5 Best Staff to Hire in Dave the Diver

Optimizing Your Sushi Bar Team

The best staff in Dave the Diver

In the exciting universe of Dave the Diver, mastering the art of sushi-making is just part of the fun. The other crucial element involves building a top-tier team of staff members to ensure your restaurant thrives in the game’s bustling culinary landscape. Your staff’s unique skills, cooking abilities, and particular traits are pivotal in your journey, dramatically affecting your strategy and overall gaming experience.

Dive into this lively realm with this comprehensive guide, your one-stop resource for understanding the best staff members to recruit. Gain insights into the unique abilities of Tohoku, Raptor, Maki, Yone, and El Nino. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced player, our guide will help you assemble a top-tier team to optimize your sushi-making journey and gameplay experience.

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5 Best Staff to Hire in Dave the Diver


Being one of the best cooking staff, Tohoku is a skillful chef with stats to back it up. Tohoku’s unique specialty is the creation of tasty seafood delights. With a robust Cooking rating peaking near 1300 at level 20, Tohoku’s prowess in the Kitchen is undeniable. His dual special skills only enhance his culinary competence, potentially transforming him into a standalone kitchen maestro, especially for players who stumble upon him early in the game.

The staff member Tohoku in Dave the Diver

Tohoku excels when partnered with employees such as El Nino and Mitchell, boasting high serving ratings. Despite being outclassed by Maki and Yone, Tohoku shines as one of the best chefs in Dave the Diver. He is a great choice to add to your Kitchen.


Among the colorful array of staff you can recruit in Dave the Diver, Raptor stands out with his distinctive looks and skill set. Raptor stands out compared to other staff members by boasting a full-on dinosaur mask. His exclusive skills – Cocktail Serving and Wasabi Refill- set him apart from the crowd. These two abilities are seldom seen individually, and finding them bundled together in one character is indeed a rarity, creating a potent combination that can be a game-changer.

The staff member Raptor in Dave the Diver
As you progress further, refilling Wasabi will become more important.

As the gameplay advances and the challenges in your restaurant increase, tasks such as serving cocktails and refilling Wasabi can consume significant amounts of time that could otherwise be dedicated to serving food. This is where Raptor, with his specialized skills, shines through. His proficiency in these areas ensures smooth operations, preventing any lag in your restaurant’s functioning.

On top of these specialized skills, Raptor boasts one of the highest Serving skills among available staff. His ability to serve customers swiftly and efficiently makes him an irreplaceable asset to your sushi bar. Raptor’s proficiency in serving, combined with his unique skills, certifies him as a master server in the lively realm of Dave the Diver. His exceptional skill set positions him as a critical player in the team, ensuring your restaurant’s success in the game.


In the fascinating world of Dave the Diver, you’ll encounter Maki, an unassuming staff member who emerges as a star through your journey. Maki, who becomes available free of charge after progressing through Chapter 2, may initially seem unremarkable. Her Cooking stat makes up for this despite having abysmal stats in most categories. She is much like a diamond in the rough, awaiting a suitable investment to reveal her true potential.

The staff member Maki in Dave the Diver
Maki is the only staff member on this list that you get for free

With the proper training and monetary investment, Maki transforms into a culinary powerhouse. Once she reaches level 20, her Cooking stat escalates to an astonishing 2100, outperforming all other characters in this aspect of the game. This impressive feat showcases her prowess in the Kitchen and makes her an invaluable asset to any culinary team.

Moreover, Maki’s exceptional double Cooking+ skill further accentuates her value. This skill boosts her cooking abilities, ensuring she stands unrivaled in the Kitchen. Therefore, for players seeking an unmatched culinary master, Maki is the perfect choice to run their Kitchen.


Witness a culinary spectacle as Yone flexes her impressive Cooking skill. Once Yone hits level 20, her Cooking skill soars to a whopping 1752, crowning her as the second-most proficient cook in the game, right behind Maki. This leap is primarily thanks to her Cooking++ skill, a unique ability that significantly enhances her cooking prowess. Furthermore, Yone’s ability to expand the menu range is invaluable.

The staff member Yone in Dave the Diver

Yone’s utility extends beyond the Kitchen, though. Her competent Procure skill makes her a versatile asset if you send her out for ingredients. Players should try releasing a barrage of $400 internet advertisements to recruit this culinary virtuoso.

El Nino

With his mysterious mask, the elusive El Nino is a diamond-tier employee who can be a game-changer. As the game progresses and the restaurant’s pace intensifies, El Nino becomes an essential asset, helping keep the restaurant afloat when acquiring sea-sourced ingredients gets increasingly challenging.

The staff member El Nino in Dave the Diver
El Nino is the best staff member in the game.

El Nino is unsurpassed regarding customer service, with a remarkable serving rating of 1033 at level 20. He boasts the Cleaning Master and Drink Serving Master skills. These skills allow him to clean up messy seats and serve all drinks perfectly. His impressive Procure rating is also instrumental in gathering critical ingredients for other cooks like Bancho. El Nino’s unique drink serving and cleaning skills further fortify his position as the optimal choice for front-of-house operations.

Best Staff Lineup Overall

As you progress, you will find rarer and more dangerous creatures to serve customers. You will need a top-tier staff to whip out dishes to accompany this quickly.

The best overall lineup for staff in Dave the Diver

Based on efficiency and potential profit, this is the best staff lineup to have in the Kitchen:

  • Maki
  • Yone

This is the best staff lineup to have in the Dining Room:

  • Raptor
  • El Nino


In conclusion, the world of Dave the Diver offers a rich roster of staff members, each carrying unique skills and stats that can significantly impact your gaming strategy. This guide to the five best staff members – Tohoku, Raptor, Maki, Yone, and El Nino – provides insights into their specialties, aiding you in forming an unbeatable team.

Each character brings unique value to the game, from Maki’s superior culinary skills to Raptor’s ability to swiftly serve cocktails and refill Wasabi. Utilize this knowledge to curate your dream team and optimize your restaurant’s operations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, these insights will help you navigate the vibrant and challenging world of Dave the Diver and lead your virtual sushi bar to unprecedented success.

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