Dave the Diver Moray Eel: How to Catch One (+ Recipes)

Unveil the Secrets of Moray Eel Catching and Cooking

How to catch a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver

Looking for a guide to catch a Moray Eel in the smash-hit game Dave the Diver? To prepare a satisfying serving of Moray Eel Curry for Otto, you must first get a Moray Eel, marking a key phase in the completion of the “A Noisy Customer” mission. Finding a Moray Eel in the game’s bustling Blue Hole, like many other aquatic critters, can be somewhat challenging and demands significant progress in the game’s main storyline.

Let’s delve into the how-tos of catching a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver and the art of cooking up a Moray Eel Curry that will move Otto to tears (spoiler alert).

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Where To Find Moray Eel

The Moray Eel can only be found at night in the Blue Hole Shallows, specifically between depths of 0 to 50 meters. The thrill of night diving becomes available once Otto makes his grand entrance at Bancho Sushi in Chapter 2, which starts the “A Noisy Customer” quest.

Diving at night in Dave the Diver
Diving at night allows you to catch exclusive fish, such as the Moray Eel

Moray Eels prefer to hover close to the water’s surface, often found tucked away in the expansive spaces between corals and rock formations. Recognizable by their dark grey color and serpent-like form, these creatures are substantial in size and length.

The Moray Eels seen in their holes during day dives are NOT catchable.

To help players on the “A Noisy Customer” mission, each Eel is signified by a light blue tilted square, guiding you towards the creature. We advise employing a firearm, preferably a sniper rifle or any other advanced weapon, to subdue the Eel before landing the final blow with a harpoon, as with other marine creatures.

Harpooning a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver
Moray Eels can be captured using a harpoon.

Another good strategy is just repeatedly harpooning it until you catch it. Moray Eels can be harpooned, meaning you catch it rather than just hitting it with a fatal blow. You could keep hitting it with the harpoon and abuse the “animation,” which will reset the Eel’s position after it escapes the harpoon, allowing you to hit it again. However, be vigilant of their potentially devastating attacks and evade them as deftly as possible.

How to Serve Moray Eel

Once you capture a Moray Eel, return to your sushi restaurant, and you can now serve Moray Eel Sushi. This is a good dish and can fetch a hefty price once ranked up to a high level.

Moray Eel sushi in Dave the Diver
Saving your Moray Eel sushi for Curry is the most profitable way to use it

However, keeping your Moray Eel sushi for Moray Eel Curry is best.

Moray Eel Curry

Upon successfully capturing the Moray Eel, head back to your sushi restaurant, enter the Recipe Research menu, and unlock the Moray Eel Curry recipe. This dish is required to complete the “A Noisy Customer” quest. Here are the ingredients needed to make the dish:

  • 2 Moray Eel Sushi (this can be obtained from just one Eel)
  • 1 Tumeric

The Curry requires the Eel and Turmeric, which are nestled among other ingredients in various cooking pots scattered around the Blue Hole. Alternatively, you can delegate the task of spice collection to your team, who can be dispatched to get Turmeric for you.

Ingredients to Moray Eel Curry in Dave the Diver

Incorporate the Moray Eel Curry into your menu for the evening’s service and present it to Otto. Doing so wraps up the “A Noisy Customer” task and unlocks the Fish Farm, where you can raise an array of aquatic species.


In conclusion, embarking on the quest for a Moray Eel in Dave the Diver is an adventure filled with high-stakes underwater action and strategic culinary management. Catching and preparing the elusive Eel for a special plate of Moray Eel Curry for Otto provides an exciting challenge, merging the thrill of the deep-sea hunt with the rewarding satisfaction of delighting your sushi restaurant patrons.

Whether you are a novice player just starting your underwater journey or a seasoned diver looking for the next big catch, our guide aims to equip you with the essential knowledge to track and capture a Moray Eel successfully. As you progress in Dave the Diver, remember that each dive adds a layer to your story, and every meal served brings you closer to mastery in this captivating underwater world.

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