Slay the Spire Astrolabe: Tips, Best Uses, & More

Discover the power of the "Astrolabe" relic in Slay the Spire

slay the spire astrolabe overview

Slay the Spire is a game that requires a delicate balance of strategy and luck to successfully climb the tower and defeat the final boss. To achieve this, players need to carefully construct their decks, choosing cards that synergize well with each other and effectively counter their opponents.

One relic that can greatly aid players in this endeavor is Astrolabe. This powerful relic has the ability to transform less useful cards in a player’s deck into upgraded versions of different cards, providing a significant boost to their overall deck strength. With its potential to drastically enhance a player’s deck-building strategy, Astrolabe is a must-have relic for any Slay the Spire player looking to climb to the top of the tower.

Let’s dive into more about this relic:


slay the spire Astrolabe

Astrolabe is a highly sought-after Boss relic in Slay the Spire, mostly due to its card-transforming effects. When obtained, it allows you to transform three cards from their deck into upgraded versions of different cards, improving the overall effectiveness and synergy of their deck.

choosing the astrolabe relic in slay the spire


By allowing players to transform three cards from their deck into upgraded versions, Astrolabe enables players to improve the overall synergy and effectiveness of their decks. This can prove particularly useful for players seeking to streamline their decks, as it allows them to replace weaker cards with stronger versions of better cards that better fit their strategy.

The relic can also help players to build more powerful and cohesive decks that are better able to handle the game’s challenging enemies and bosses. By strategically selecting which cards to transform, players can create decks that are tailored to their specific playstyle and strengths.


Despite its many benefits, it’s important to note that Astrolabe cannot transform Curses; it will only transform them into other Curses which can be a drawback for players struggling with a particularly cursed-heavy deck.

You may also end up transforming a card into a worse card.

Additionally, obtaining this relic is not guaranteed and can only be obtained after Boss fights (given it’s a “Boss” relic), so you should not plan on acquiring it every run.

Best Cards to Transform

Strikes and Defends are the best-suited cards to transform with Astrolabe. You most likely won’t have all of your Strikes or Defends removed by the time you get the relic, so these would be the best target.

After all your Strikes and Defends are gone, you should target the cards that you would remove from your deck if given the chance. Pretend you get to remove 3 cards for free from your deck; which cards would those be? Target those 3 cards.

Can Astrolabe transform Curses in Slay the Spire?

Clumsy curse card in slay the spire

Unfortunately no, Astrolabe cannot transform Curses into regular cards. It will only transform Curses into other Curses. This may be useful, however, as you could transform your really bad Curses into more manageable ones.

Also, note that you cannot transform the Curse of the Bell.

Should you pick up Astrolabe in Slay the Spire?

Whether or not to pick up Astrolabe ultimately depends on your individual strategy and goals. If you have Strikes and Defends still left in your deck, you should pick up this relic and use it on those.

If your deck is already solid and has the perfect cards, you should obviously pass on picking it up. However, odds are that isn’t the case.


Astrolabe can be a valuable addition to a player’s deck-building strategy, providing the potential to enhance card synergies and increase the effectiveness of a deck. However, it’s crucial to consider its limitations, such as its inability to transform Curse cards and the possibility of transforming cards into less useful ones. Players must weigh the pros and cons of incorporating Astrolabe into their gameplay carefully.

Overall, Astrolabe can be a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced player, but it’s essential to use it strategically and with a full understanding of its limitations.

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