Slay the Spire Bonfire Spirits: Rewards & Spirit Poop

Find out what Bonfire Spirits can give you in Slay the Spire, including Spirit Poop

slay the spire Bonfire Spirits spirit poop

Whether you’re stabbing enemies as the Silent or slicing through foes as the Ironclad, you likely have run into the Bonfire Spirits event at some point. You are probably wondering what cards you should sacrifice from your deck and what rewards you can get. Also, what is Spirit Poop, and what does it do.

Let’s look at Bonfire Spirits in Slay the Spire and see what rewards you can get.

And as a bonus, we will go over Spirit Poop, what it does, and how to get it.

Bonfire Spirits

Bonfire Spirits is an event that can appear in Act 1, Act 2, or Act 3.

slay the spire Bonfire Spirits event
Bonfire Spirits event

During the event, you can offer (remove from your deck) a card to the purple spirits. Upon providing a card, you receive a reward based on the rarity of the card selected.


Here are the rewards for each type of offer to the Bonfire Spirits:

Offer (Remove from your deck)Reward
Basic CardNothing
Common or Special cardHeal 5 HP
Uncommon CardHeal to full HP
Rare Card+10 Max HP + Heal to full HP
CurseSpirit Poop

Should you offer cards to the Bonfire Spirits?

slay the spire Bonfire Spirits event

Most of the time, yes. During the event, you can strategically take advantage of the situation for a quick heal or to remove a card. Even offering a Common card will heal for 5 HP, and removing a Basic card has no downside. Everyone should be looking to remove all basic cards from their deck, and you can remove one for free with this event.

The only time you shouldn’t offer cards for this event is if your deck is already perfect, and that’s rarely ever the case.

Additionally, this event can remove powerful curses like Normality or Pain without any gameplay consequences other than a 1-point final score reduction from the Spirit Poop reward.

Spirit Poop

slay the spire Spirit Poop
Spirit Poop

Spirit Poop is a relic in Slay the Spire. It can only be obtained by offering a Curse to the Bonfire Spirits during the Bonfire Spirits event.

What does Spirit Poop do?

slay the spire Spirit Poop

Spirit Poop itself is mostly useless. The only thing the relic does is reduce the final score of your run by 1 point. But remember, this has no actual impact on the gameplay or outcome of battles in Slay the Spire.

Oh, and you get to see a purple piece of poop next to your other relics.

How do you get Spirit Poop?

Clumsy curse card in slay the spire

Spirit Poop can be obtained by offering a Curse to the Bonfire Spirits during the Bonfire Spirits event.

Note: You cannot offer the Curse of the Bell Curse. You are stuck with that Curse if you have it.

Believe it or not, getting Spirit Poop is good, not because Spirit Poop itself is good, but more because the act of getting Spirit Poop is good.

If you think about it, you can remove a Curse from your deck for free with no drawbacks. That is a massive win, given it would typically cost 75 Gold at a shop to do the same.

Spirit Poop’s effect would only really affect players who haven’t fully unlocked everything for a character, where you need to level up and unlock cards and relics. Your final score determines how much you progress toward the next character level.

slay the spire spirit poop effect

However, characters are maxed out relatively quickly, and the odds are that you’ve already unlocked everything for each character.

The only other effect is the lingering feeling of disdain since you carry around a piece of poop that doesn’t do anything. Just think of Spirit Poop as a trophy for improving your deck!


You must utilize the Bonfire Spirits event whenever you come across it. You should feel encouraged to offer a card whenever you encounter this event, even if it lends you a piece of purple poop for the rest of your run.

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