Stardew Valley Fisher or Trapper: Which is Better?

Navigating Stardew Valley's Level 5 Fishing Professions

When you’re knee-deep in the delightful world of Stardew Valley, each decision you make shapes your experience. One of the more challenging choices you’ll face is deciding between the Fisher and Trapper profession once you hit Level 5 in Fishing. Should you embrace the life of a dedicated angler, or would you rather lay out traps and wait for the catch to come to you?

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the Fisher and Trapper professions to help you make an informed choice. Let’s dive in and see what each path offers.

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Fisher Icon in Stardew Valley


“Fish worth 25% more”

Choosing Fisher means you’ll be reeling in 25% more gold from each fish you sell. Picture this: a regular quality Halibut usually nets you 80 gold. But with the Fisher profession, that same Halibut nets you 100 gold. It might seem like small fish, but these gains certainly add up over time.

Catching a Halibut in Stardew Valley
The Fisher profession nets you an extra 25% gold from the fish you sell

But is Fisher worth it? Well, if you’re someone who finds peace with a rod in your hand, Fisher might be the one for you. If you’re keen on fishing and plan to continue doing so, you’re better off choosing Fisher.

Fishing Mini Game in Stardew Valley
If you enjoy fishing, you should pick the Fisher profession

When it comes to maximizing your experience points and gold earnings, Fisher is the superior choice. This is further emphasized by the level ten specializations – Angler and Pirate. The former bumps up the worth of your fish by an additional 25%, making them worth double in total. The latter increases your chances of finding treasure while fishing, helping you fill the museum faster.

Trapper Icon in Stardew Valley


“Resources required to craft crab pots reduced.”

On the flip side, opting for Trapper means you’ll require fewer resources to craft Crab Pots. Normally, a single Crab Pot requires 40 pieces of Wood and three Iron Bars. However, with the Trapper profession, this cost is significantly reduced to just 25 Wood and two Copper Bars.

The Reduced Crafting Cost for Crab Pots when having the Trapper Profession in Stardew Valley
Crab Pot crafting cost is reduced with Trapper

So, is Trapper worth it? If you’re planning to rely heavily on Crab Pots for fishing, the material cost savings with Trapper are considerable. However, it’s worth questioning whether investing so heavily in Crab Pots is a good idea.

Placing Down Crab Pots in Stardew Valley

While Crab Pots do catch certain types of fish that cannot be caught by other means, such as Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp in saltwater, and Crayfish, Snail, and Periwinkle in freshwater, these can be obtained just by crafting or purchasing a single Crab Pot and waiting patiently. Moreover, you don’t need to craft Crab Pots at all – they can be purchased at Willy’s Shop for 1,500 gold. This might seem steep in the early game, but it becomes peanuts once your farm starts generating serious profits.

The silver lining of the Trapper profession lies in the level ten specializations – Mariner and Luremaster. The former ensures that your Crab Pots never catch trash, while the latter eliminates the need to bait your Crab Pots. Both are very handy if you’re looking to optimize your Crab Pot fishing strategy.

Fisher or Trapper: Which is Better

Level 5 Fishing Profession Screen in Stardew Valley
Choosing either the Fisher or Trapper profession

The Fisher profession increases your net profit from fishing by a modest amount. If you’re planning to fish consistently, whether for fun or profit, Fisher is objectively the better choice. The Trapper profession, on the other hand, reduces the resources needed to craft Crab Pots. However, considering that Crab Pots are relatively easy to obtain and their harvests provide minimal experience points and gold, investing heavily into Crab Pots might not be the best strategy.

In essence, the only compelling reason to choose Trapper is if you simply don’t enjoy fishing. If the idea of relaxing and collecting fish from your Crab Pots each morning appeals to you more than actively fishing, then by all means, choose the Trapper profession and fully commit to it. Otherwise, Fisher is the better choice, both in terms of gold and experience.

Can I change from Fisher to Trapper or vice versa?

Fishing Icon in Stardew Valley

Yes, you can change your profession in Stardew Valley. This can be done by visiting the Statue of Uncertainty in the sewers, which allows you to change your profession for 10,000 gold. This will reset one skill tree of your choice, allowing you to pick different skills the next time you sleep.

Do I need to craft Crab Pots if I choose the Trapper profession?


No, you can purchase Crab Pots at Willy’s Shop for 1,500 gold each. However, if you choose the Trapper profession, the resources needed to craft Crab Pots are significantly reduced.

When it comes to choosing between the Fisher and Trapper professions, it’s vital to remember that this decision should reflect your preferred playstyle. If you enjoy the thrill of casting your line and the anticipation of what you might reel in, the Fisher profession aligns perfectly with your interests. You’ll not only earn more from your catches but also have the potential to find treasures and double your income from fish if you continue down this path.

However, if the idea of laying out traps and waiting for your catch to come to you is more appealing, the Trapper profession provides a more passive, yet equally rewarding experience. Reduced crafting costs for Crab Pots and unique benefits like eliminating trash or bait requirements make this path intriguing and beneficial in its own way.

But no matter which path you choose, it’s the journey that counts. The beauty of Stardew Valley lies in its ability to make every choice feel significant, and every action rewarding. Whether you’re an ambitious Fisher aiming to bring in the biggest catch, or a patient Trapper waiting for your pots to fill, your choice should bring you joy and enrich your gaming experience.

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