7 Best Hearthstone Titans Legendary Cards (January 2024)

Your Guide to Titans' Top Legendaries

Aggramar, the Avenger and Sargeras, the Destroyer in Hearthstone

The latest Titans Hearthstone expansion has officially launched, introducing some remarkable legendary cards. A distinctive mechanic of this expansion is that the Titan legendary cards can trigger one of three abilities per turn, albeit each can only be activated once.

In this article, we’re discussing what we consider to be the top seven legendary cards upon launch. This assessment is pre-nerfs/buffs, and the forthcoming meta from this expansion is mainly speculative and will undoubtedly evolve.

Titans Expansion Overview

Here is a video overview of the Titans expansion:

Sargeras, the Destroyer

Sargeras, the Destroyer in Hearthstone

Sargeras, the Destroyer, the Warlock Titan legendary, is a nine-cost 6/12 demon. It features a commanding battlecry that opens a portal, summoning 2, 3/2 imps each turn. With the ability to summon additional 6/6 infernal minions, give future portal-summoned demons +2 health and taunt, or even wipe the board clean with Twisting Nether, Sargeras is a game-changing card.

Despite its high cost, Sargeras is a potent and pivotal card likely to become the cornerstone of most Warlock decks. Given its overwhelming abilities, we wouldn’t be surprised to see its cost increase to 10 in future patches. This card meshes exceptionally well with demon Warlocks and is bound to cause opponents significant headaches.

Aggramar, the Avenger

Aggramar, the Avenger in Hearthstone

Aggramar, the Avenger, the Hunter Titan legendary card, is a six-cost 3/7 minion. Its Battlecry equips a 3/3 weapon. This card provides a range of abilities that enhance your newly equipped weapon. One potent ability gifts your weapon +2 attack and immunity while attacking, fueling aggressive playstyles that mesh well with Hunter decks. Another ability summons a 3/3 minion with taunt every time you attack with the weapon – a balance of offense and defense. Additionally, it allows you to draw a card with every weapon attack.

Aggramar, the Avenger, embodies valuable aggression that perfectly complements the Hunter class. With its potential for creating devastating turn six swings, it should be a natural fit for current Hunter decks in the meta.


Norgannon in Hearthstone

Norgannon, the Mage Titan legendary, is a six-cost 3/8 minion. It possesses a passive ability that doubles the power of future abilities after one is used. It offers a five-damage dealing ability to a target, potentially escalating to a whopping 20 damage if it stays alive for three turns. This makes for a formidable win condition, especially considering the Mage class’s board control prowess. Furthermore, Norgannon can cast a random Mage secret, potentially up to 4, aiding in board control. Lastly, it has an ability that increases your opponent’s card costs by 1 in the next turn, potentially by 4, disrupting their game rhythm and affecting productivity.

Norgannon arguably holds the most destructive potential of any standard meta card, given its ability to inflict up to 20 damage if it survives three turns. Being a high-priority target, protecting Norgannon might be challenging, but it’s feasible with the Mage’s control abilities.


Aman'Thul in Hearthstone

Aman’Thul, the Priest Titan Legendary, is a seven-cost 3/10 minion. It has a passive ability that enables you to discover ANY legendary minion after using an ability. This potential game-changing ability synergizes well with his other abilities. These include choosing a non-titan minion and summoning a +2/+2 copy of it, removing two enemy minions from the game, or summoning a random 6-cost minion and endowing it with taunt and lifesteal.

Aman’Thul’s potential is immense, and its cost-to-value ratio is quite favorable. If this card becomes too dominant in Priest decks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a cost adjustment in future patches. The RNG factor in the discovery mechanic may cause some variability, but we believe players will find this passive ability valuable. Aman’Thul should be an automatic inclusion in every Priest deck.

V-07-TR-oN Prime

V07TR0N Prime in Hearthstone

V-07-TR-oN Prime, the Rogue Titan legendary, is a six-cost 3/5 mech minion. This card features a passive ability that confers his abilities onto another friendly minion when used. One ability grants a +2/+1 buff and deals four damage to a random enemy. It can also gain a +1/+2 buff and draw a card. The potentially best ability confers a +3 health buff and adds the attribute “can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers.”

The Titan expansion appears to be promoting a mech rogue strategy, providing the necessary cards to make it viable. V-07-TR-oN Prime, when paired with other mech minions, unleashes powerful mech synergies that could cement mech Rogue as a meta staple.

Eonar, the Life-Binder

Eonar the LifeBinder in Hearthstone

Eonar, the Life-Binder, the Druid Titan legendary card, carries a hefty ten cost for a 5/7. It has a passive ability that summons a 5/5 ancient with taunt whenever an ability is used. Each of Eonar’s abilities is impactful, justified by its steep mana cost. Most notably, one ability restores your hero to full health – a serious game-changer in lengthy druid battles. Another ability refreshes all mana crystals, paving the way for powerful combos. Lastly, it allows you to draw cards until your hand is full, which can be advantageous if Eonar survives for three turns on the battlefield.

Despite seeming slow, Eonar complements the ever-popular ramp Druid decks perfectly. Incorporating Eonar into the evolving meta with the expansion will be intriguing, but we suspect she’ll be a staple in any Druid deck.

Prison of Yogg-Saron

Prison of YoggSaron in Hearthstone

In Hearthstone, the Prison of Yogg-Saron stands as a 7-cost neutral legendary location that commands attention. If you’ve been a long-time reader, you’ll remember that the original Yogg-Saron earned a prestigious spot on our ‘Greatest Hearthstone Cards of All Time‘ list. Thus, the anticipation was palpable for this revamped incarnation, quickly making the status of a fan favorite.

Despite a seemingly milder approach—casting only four spells at a time—the Prison of Yogg-Saron retains a knack for conjuring up equally devastating effects. The spells it cast are random, and could instantly turn the game’s tide. Especially in high-stakes scenarios, it could pull out a Pyroblast or other game-changing spells. However, tread carefully, for the erratic nature of these spells could unintentionally benefit your opponent. As the meta evolves, we expect this unpredictable chaos-bringer to induce significant game swings, solidifying its place in the pantheon of noteworthy Hearthstone cards.


In conclusion, the new Titans expansion for Hearthstone has ushered in a fresh era of gameplay with powerful, intriguing legendary cards that are set to redefine the game’s dynamics. From the life-restoring Eonar, the Life-Binder, to the game-swinging Prison of Yogg-Saron, these cards are expected to make waves in the Hearthstone meta, cultivating new strategies and deck compositions.

As always, the actual test will be how these cards fare in the hands of the players, and we eagerly anticipate the shifts and trends that will evolve from this expansion. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights, strategies, and updates on Hearthstone. Until then, happy gaming!

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