Hearthstone: 5 Best Legendary Hunter Cards (January 2024)

Unleashing the Power of Hunter Legendaries

Hearthstone’s dynamic landscape constantly evolves, urging players to adapt and optimize their strategies. Amidst this, the Hunter class shines with its multifaceted gameplay styles, including midrange and control. Yet, the current meta has made an aggressive face Hunter strategy particularly potent.

For those willing to capitalize on this trend, this article outlines the legendary Hunter cards vital for thriving in today’s standard meta.

King Krush

King Krush legendary Hunter card in Hearthstone

Undoubtedly, King Krush is a legendary card that has stood the test of time in Hearthstone. It’s considered one of the best legendaries in the game. Even in 2023, it remains essential to the Hunter’s arsenal. This card is a nine-mana cost beast with 8/8 stats and the crucial Charge ability. As most contemporary cards possess the Rush mechanic, which only allows attack on minions in the initial turn, King Krush’s Charge mechanic proves exceedingly powerful, as it permits direct attack on the opponent.

King Krush’s overwhelming presence can turn the tide of a game in your favor or even potentially wrap it up, mainly when used with cards like Faithful Companions, which aids in summoning this beast ahead of time.


Hydralodon legendary Hunter card in Hearthstone

The formidable Hydralodon is a seven-cost legendary beast card with an impressive 5/5 stat line and the unique Colossal +2 ability. This ability summons 2, 3/1 Hydralodon Heads, which, upon destruction, summon two additional heads given Hydralodon’s presence on the board. Furthermore, its Battlecry provides the initial Hydralodon Heads with the Rush ability, empowering you to tackle enemy minions immediately.

With exceptional value and board presence for its cost, Hydralodon can quickly shift the momentum of a match in your favor if played at the right time. It forces opponents to allocate resources toward its removal or risk dealing with an unending onslaught of expendable minions.

Hope of Quel’Thalas

Hope of Quel'Thalas legendary Hunter card in Hearthstone

The legendary weapon, Hope of Quel’Thalas, is a six-cost Hunter accessory with 3/2 stats. This card shines when used strategically; each time you attack, it bestows a +1/+1 buff on your minions, regardless of their current location. The ramifications of this effect can be game-changing. Imagine bolstering your King Krush to a formidable 10/10 with charge or empowering the Hydra Heads birthed by Hydralodon. The Hope of Quel’Thalas synergizes effectively with any Hunter deck, providing immense value regardless of the style of play.

Mister Mukla

Mister Mukla legendary Hunter card in Hearthstone

Presenting an intriguing gameplay dynamic, Mister Mukla is a six-cost 10/10 beast with Rush. This legendary card boasts a unique Battlecry that fills your opponent’s hand with bananas—spells that boost a minion’s stats by +1/+1. While it might appear to be risky to arm your enemy with buffs, introducing a 10/10 Rush beast into the fray on turn six often outweighs the potential downside.

Plus, filling your adversary’s hand guarantees they’ll burn a card on their subsequent turn—a substantial blow. If you’re facing a spell-heavy opponent, they might struggle to expend their banana bounty, leading to hand congestion. Despite the potential to backfire based on your opponent’s deck, Mister Mukla often proves devastatingly effective.

Raj Naz’jan

Raj Naz'jan legendary Hunter card in Hearthstone

Completing our list is Raj Naz’jan, a two-cost 2/3 legendary Naga with a passive ability that inflicts damage equivalent to the cost of the spell you cast. With many low-cost Hunter spells available, Raj Naz’jan can create early-game pressure, setting up the stage for a lethal blow by King Krush in the later stages. Paired with cards like Barrel of Monkeys and Bunch of Bananas, Raj Naz’jan’s continuous damage output and potential for buffing make him an asset in any Hunter deck.


The five legendary Hunter cards—King Krush, Hydralodon, Hope of Quel’Thalas, Mister Mukla, and Raj Naz’jan—are critical cornerstones for constructing a powerful and aggressive face Hunter deck in the present Hearthstone meta. These cards, each possessing unique abilities and synergies, can dramatically alter the course of a game, creating a resilient strategy that is tough for opponents to overcome.

But remember, succeeding in Hearthstone isn’t just about the cards—it’s about the player behind them. The real test is leveraging these powerful cards strategically understanding their potential and synergies to create a powerful, multifaceted onslaught. So, as you go forth into the Hearthstone battlefield, bear these cards in mind, understand their abilities, and strategize how to employ them effectively. This knowledge will help you conquer your enemies and make your journey in the tavern all the more rewarding. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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