7 Best Alien Games of All Time

Disclosing the Top Games Featuring Alien Lifeforms

A monolith from No Man's Sky and A Flying Saucer from Destroy All Humans

In the vast gaming universe, alien-themed games have always held a certain intrigue and mystery that is hard to resist. Their allure has only grown stronger with the recent disclosure of UFOs (or UAPs) during a congressional hearing. This surprising revelation has reignited gamers’ passion, making exploring extraterrestrial civilizations, missions, and battles a more tantalizing endeavor.

So, buckle up for an interstellar ride as we dive into the top 7 alien games ever. These games aren’t just a cluster of pixels; they’re well-crafted digital cosmoses that cleverly meld the essence of science fiction with our knowledge of UFOs. We’ll traverse through time, revisiting timeless classics that have proven their mettle and newer gems that have beautifully encapsulated the enigma of the alien unknown.

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Alien Invasion

Saints Row IV, a strikingly vibrant addition to the open-world genre, catapults the series’ hallmark absurdity to new heights. This time, you are not merely a gang leader but the President of the United States, facing an alien invasion no less. The aliens, known as the Zin, are as outlandish as the weaponry you wield to fight them off.

Saints Row IV Alien Base

The grandeur of Saints Row IV lies in its relentless pursuit of fun, liberally bestowing superpowers upon the player and transforming the urban playground of Steelport into a virtual landscape ripe for chaos. Your presidential avatar can leap tall buildings, sprint faster than a sports car, and unleash a flurry of unbelievable powers, from telekinesis to blasting ice and fire.

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Destroy All Humans

Shocking a person in Destroy All Humans

A refreshing blend of humor, open-world exploration, and retro science fiction, Destroy All Humans serves as a lighthearted satire of 1950s Americana. The game casts you as Crypto-137, a foul-mouthed alien with an insatiable appetite for destruction and a desire to subjugate the human race.

Orthopox 13 talking to Alien in Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans is marked by its variety of gameplay, shifting between third-person shooting, psychic powers, stealth elements, and aerial combat in Crypto’s flying saucer. The fusion of these mechanics and the game’s satirical depiction of the paranoid Cold War era make for a delightfully destructive romp through history.

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Alien: Isolation

Tracking the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation

In the realm of horror, Alien: Isolation holds a distinct place, evoking a sense of dread that few other games can match. This survival horror title plunges you into the heart of the classic Alien universe, casting you as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the iconic Ellen Ripley, in a desperate struggle for survival aboard the desolate Sevastopol Station.

The open air lock in Alien Isolation

The beauty of Alien: Isolation lies in its AI design. The alien xenomorph is a relentless and unpredictable predator, adapting to your strategies and hunting you throughout the sprawling station. The game masterfully cultivates a palpable tension, capturing the dread of the original Ridley Scott masterpiece and transposing it into an interactive medium.

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No Man’s Sky

New Eridu planet in No Man's Sky

As a tribute to the explorative spirit, No Man’s Sky delivers an experience vast in scope and ambition. The game offers an open universe teeming with unique planets, alien species, and near-infinite opportunities for discovery.

The view from the cockpit of your ship in No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky encourages exploration, trading, combat, and survival across procedurally generated galaxies. Despite initial criticism, the game has since introduced numerous updates and improvements, extending its breadth and depth from base-building and more nuanced exploration to improved combat systems and multiplayer elements.

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Dead Space 2

A tunnel digger in Dead Space 2

Treading a fine line between action and horror, Dead Space 2 throws you into the disquieting depths of space. As the returning protagonist Isaac Clarke, you must traverse the terror-infested Sprawl, a massive space station overtaken by the grotesque alien-infected monstrosities known as necromorphs.

Shooting an alien in Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2’s enduring legacy lies in its meticulously crafted atmosphere of unease, enhanced by brilliant sound design and unforgettable enemy designs. The innovative strategic dismemberment combat system, combined with the weighty themes of isolation and madness, solidifies Dead Space 2’s position as a landmark in the horror genre.

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A battle in XCOM 2

As a continuation of the rebooted XCOM series, XCOM 2 takes its predecessor’s tactical, turn-based gameplay and refines it with a host of new features and mechanics. The game takes place in a world where the aliens have taken over, and it’s your job to command a guerilla force to instigate a rebellion.

An explosion in a battle in XCOM 2

XCOM 2’s strength lies in its strategic depth. The tension-filled, turn-based combat sequences are balanced by base building and resource management. Adding procedurally generated maps and the permanent death of squad members adds a high level of replayability and constant tension to every action.

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Mass Effect 2

Liara T'Soni in Mass Effect 2

Often hailed as the pinnacle of the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect 2 blends RPG mechanics, a deep narrative, and a cast of richly developed characters into an unforgettable space opera. As Commander Shepard, you must assemble a diverse team to tackle a suicide mission against a mysterious alien force called the Collectors.

Shooting a robot in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2’s grandeur lies in its narrative and character depth. Every choice you make feels consequential, influencing character interactions, story progression, and even the ending. The well-crafted combat system and the strategic elements of managing your team add immersion and engagement, making Mass Effect 2 a standout in the sci-fi RPG genre.

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In the grand tapestry of the gaming cosmos, these seven alien-themed games stand out as their own celestial bodies. They represent our fascination with the unknown and our continuous desire to engage with and understand it. The recent confirmation of UFOs by a congressional hearing has only magnified our curiosity, making these games more relevant and enthralling than ever before.

As we close this chapter of our interstellar journey, remember that these games are a fraction of the universe that awaits you. Whether you’re decimating entire cities in “Destroy All Humans,” strategizing your moves in “XCOM 2”, or immersing yourself in the atmospheric terror of “Alien: Isolation,” there’s a whole cosmos out there to explore. So buckle up, gamers; the truth isn’t just out there; it’s right here, waiting for you to engage in your next alien adventure.

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